Thursday, December 06, 2007

One Year Ago!

Wow! Just a year ago so much was happening. I was getting ready to travel to AZ to Sammy's Quinceanera (sp?). That was so fun! I also was making plans to travel to Guatemala for the first time. (We had found out about Sonja on May 5th. The same day we had to move items from the school that our church worshiped in to another school because there was a fire in the school we currently meet at. I remember waiting for the phone call. I had my cell phone glued to my side. Sure enough, I was pulling stuff out of the auditorium storage and I got the call.) So it had been seven months a year ago this month and I hadn't gotten to meet her yet. I was itching to get my hands on her and so my husband said I could travel to meet her. I was so thrilled!! I took Joel's sister, Dana with me! Our plane tickets were booked and we were traveling the first week of January. We had a fabulous week despite our first evening of Sonja staying up crying all night!

One year ago we had finally gotten updated pictures and information - it had taken three months to finally get an update! I was not a very nice person during that time! I was literally on edge all the time! I didn't realize how hard it was to plan for an "older" baby, one we hadn't met yet or gotten to know.

This year we are looking forward to celebrating Christmas with Sonja in our arms. My heart goes out to those who are in the position that I was just one year ago. I'm sorry if your arms are waiting and aching to hold your child. I pray that God provides the doors to a quick turn around in PGN or whatever step you may be at. I pray for those that have received information about a child ( a referral) and have become attached through pictures and information. I pray that you are grandfathered in and are allowed to complete your process before Guatemala completely closes the door!

So much happens in a year!

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Tammy said...

I'm right there praying with you Lori! We feel so blessed as well to have our Elena home and pray everyday for those loving parents who are still waiting.

We also feel so blessed to have met you, Joel, and little Sonja in Guatemala!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

What an amazing year we have all had.

Jennifer said...

WOw What a year. Last year this time I was just finding out that I was pregnant and I was taking college finals.

Jane-Jane said...

Oh what can happen in 12 short months!