Monday, November 12, 2007

This one's for you, Janet!!

Sit back and relax! It's going to be a long one!!

I spoke with my sister, Janet on the phone yesterday and she wondered why I hadn't updated in a's why-

Wednesday: Joel and I went to the photographer's studio and ordered a bus load of pictures. Yes, they are Christmas presents and that is what my family is getting this year....SURPRISE!!

Thursday: I spent the day cleaning my tornado ed distastered home!

Friday: We hosted an Elder get together (lunch meeting for the other Elder in our church, his wife, our pastor and his family). It was fun! Always a too short of a time and seems rushed for some reason, but it's a crazy busy world! It's a great time regardless of the amount of time.

Friday evening: Joel and I actually got a date!! That was a first in a long time! Actually I think I talked about our last date on my blog and I think that was over a month ago - I know! Shame on us!! Our lives are littered with meetings, events, etc. etc. We try hard to squeeze those in. It's hard on weekends such as we had on this past weekend. We had a babysitter three nights in a row and will be having another tonight! yikes!! Maybe I should start a fundraiser for babysitters!! Ha!

Anyway - Our date was going to be going to a wine tasting. We were hoping to go with our neighbors, but they couldn't find babysitting! We really didn't want to go to the liquor store (where we almost NEVER enter) and taste with just the two of us. It sounded more fun with another couple! So we headed towards the cities and got only a little ways. We stopped off at a really cool new theatre in St. Michael and decided to go to "Dan in Real Life". It was cute! I recommend it for couples or girls night out! It's funny!! We were 45 minutes early for the movie, so we sat in the theatre's lounge area and chatted! They have an upstairs for adults to relax and lounge! Very nice!!

Then... we got home and decided to throw in the rental movie, "The Ultimate Gift" and watch that in bed! That was an excellent movie! Cheesy at times, but had a very good story to tell!! It's a MUST get movie!!

Saturday: I woke up to a pile of dishes in my kitchen, so I worked on cleaning that up. Joel had two guys and their kids show up to help us cut and split some wood for the winter! Yeah!! Way to go!!! We were hoping for a much larger crew, but everyone was busy or sick!! It took me almost all day to clean up my kitchen, but I was moving at a snails pace, because I was so tired!

Saturday evening: We headed out to our friends house for our Small Group study. We had a great time there as well!!

Sunday: Do I even need to type anything? It's the usual! We went to church. Joel was teaching. We had a guest speaker. It was a good morning. We also had a chili cook off at church and we weren't able to stay. I had told my Mom that we could have lunch there forgetting all about the chili cook off! Oh well - we aren't huge chili eaters!!

Headed to my Mom's and had a good lunch with my sister and her family and my parents. Then we came home and put Sonja down for a nap. Nico hopped on his bike and rode to his friends for a couple of hours. Then we threw the Ultimate Gift movie in again, because we had fallen asleep and missed parts of it Friday evening!!

Sunday evening: We headed over to the other Elder's home and enjoyed an evening and lesson from the Guest speaker that was at church. The guest speaker was a man who co-wrote/started up the program, Restoration. I went through the program last year. It is a great study.

Well that was a nut shell of our last five days! Crazy busy!! I'm looking forward to a little down time - hopefully next weekend.

Tonight we have the Elder meeting time. I type up the minutes for them. So we will be getting a babysitter for the fourth night in a row and heading out for that meeting! It's all good!! And it's all for a good reason!!

Thank you, Janet for getting me pecans!! YUM!!! My sister lives in the south and the pecans have not had a good few years. They finally came in this year and so she is getting me a boat load - hopefully!!! I love pecans! Speaking of pastor and his wife brought some on Friday that they had saute'd up in butter, powdered sugar and salted - YUM!!! I love em'!! Thank you, Brenda and Michael!!

Oh man! I can't believe Thanksgiving is only a week and half away! WOW!! We are having Thanksgiving at our home this year! It should be good! I already got my free turkey for the year and I'm looking at possibly getting another one for Christmas time!! Yeah!!! Our local grocery store has a turkey stamp card. For every ten you spend you get a stamp. I have earned a 16-20 lb. turkey and I'm working on getting another 14-16 lb. one!!

I wish we could travel to spend the holidays with my sister or Joel's family, but it just isn't possible right now! I am still raising funds for Ecuador. I am officially signed up to go and tickets are being purchased soon! I'm looking forward to it.

Sorry no pictures, but I will work on that this week. I will upload a few later. I'm off to try and work my tired butt off on the elliptical - I'm hoping Sonja sleeps for a little bit longer so I can squeeze that in!

I hope you all had a great weekend and have an excellent week!

Virtual visit is on it's way, Bodagolee!!!

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Emily's Entries said...

Wow!! That was a long post...It took me a few minutes to read it, I can't imagine how long it would take me to type it. haha I wish I lived up there, or you lived down here, I would be more that happy to help you out with babysitting. That's great that you had a date night. Mom and Dad don't get those either, I can't even remember the last time they had one! Anyways, I'm glad to hear Dan in Real Life was good, I've been wanting to see it. Is it clean enough for me or is it more of an adult movie? No, I didn't see Fred Clause. We were going to but Dad wasn't feeling well so we ended up not going to the movies.
That was nice that you all could get together on Sunday for lunch. I'm sure that doesn't happen to often with Aunt Karen (and family) and your (and family) busy schedules.
I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here either. Grandma and Grandpa come next week, so that will be fun. We have a 2 day week/5 day weekend so that will be VERY nice! haha Looking forward to that.

Well, hope you have a great week.


Jenny and Matt said...

Glad to hear from you, Lori!
Sounds like things have been crazy-busy, but good.
Hope you get a little bit of that downtime soon!