Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Nico's Prayer

Nico and I do a devotional every morning before school. Each day we take turns praying and today it was Nico's. I am not a mom who talks through his prayer encouraging him what to say (which isn't bad, I just don't do it) and here is what he had to say today. "Dear Jesus, I just pray I could have a good day at school, I just thank you for my baby sister, Sonja, I just pray I wouldn't have to wait 8 months to get my baby sister and bring her home, I just pray I could see my baby sister sooner then 8 months, I just pray I could have a good day at school, Amen."

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Audra Charlebois said...

This baby is so loved - that is evident in every post. :)

I think it's great that Nico prays on his own. Praise God that you and Joel are raising your children to know how to live in relationship with a personal, living God.