Monday, July 28, 2014


So my mom and dad came down for the weekend. It is always nice to see them. They also got a hold of Garret. He is the son to one of my friends from back home. He has recently moved here not knowing a sole. Boy is that close to home - same for us four years ago.

It was fun to meet him and find out where he is living and working. Turns out its not too far from us. He attended church with us on Sunday. He had checked out our church prior to us meeting him and he was impressed with the mission and vision.

Hoping he can get connected and find some "young adult" friends to connect with. He is a really nice guy who knows where he is going.

The kids have been to Joel's parents for their "week" of visiting. Nicolai is on his second one this week. It's a nice break.

I'm hoping to get caught up with a few things at the house this week - so is Joel. Prayers for no barriers or distractions while we work away this week.

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