Thursday, July 17, 2014

Roller Coaster!

I feel as if our lives are on a roller coaster right now. Our 14yo is going through changes not only physically, but mentally. Ups and downs all the time. He is a whole nother novel! Our 8yo is also changing. Getting friends and wanting to be more independent. We are busy with church, work and kids things. We barely have time for us. We sneak away from time to time and get in our workouts when we can, but it seems like too often we are on a roller coaster! Not necessarily a fun-filled one though. Thrill seeking? Maybe so!

Asking for prayers. We are struggling with the oldest. I'm struggling with other things that are out of my control. Marriage? Despite not having much time for each other right now - we are pretty good. Praise God!

As if body changes aren't enough - we have begun to traverse the path of drivers ed! Nuff said! :/

If you are of the praying kind - thank you for thinking of us. I certainly could use a huge dose of God's love and power tonight! He is always faithful and never ending.

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