Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blogging Community

It's so interesting to see the flurry of blogs back when blogging was "the thing to do"! I had so many readers and surprised to find out that I had actual followers! Now I'm hitting it again and it seems as if it has become a lost art! So many have stopped updating or have shut their pages down. Sad, Really!

It was such a cool community. I was mostly tied in with a community of adoptee's or those that were adopting children. It was a great source of support, we played blogging games, we tagged each other and pics were the all time favorite. Who had the cutest pic of their kid?!!

I suppose those days are somewhat gone. Just like the 8 track, record (they are coming back), record player (those too) and soon the cd will be non existent. It will become the new 8 track or cassette tape that nobody wants.

I sure hope that, like records, blogging will return. Maybe a new community will take hold and begin to develop.

Blog on!

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