Saturday, June 28, 2014

This girl!

This girl amazes me! This is my niece, Emily. At the age of 16 she lost her vision due to a tumor wrapped around her pituitary gland - I think! I was just in shock and bewildered when we got the news that I didn't really care how or why, just that it happened. Since then she has made incredible strides to become independent in a much needed dependent disability or as I would like to call, different ability!

Some of you may remember my previous post from five years or more ago asking for your prayers. My family and I just recently had the pleasure of visiting her and my sister and brother in law.

I am very proud of Emily. Emily has been doing some public speaking and she helps out her teacher from high school with the promoting of her book. She wrote a book called, "Kids These Days". I hope you would check it out. It has Emily's story in Chapter 11 along with several other students who have overcome their struggle and are thriving today. Here is the link: Kids These Days! by Mary Endres Thomas - it's worth it, get it today!


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