Friday, March 09, 2012

Sickness overfloweth......

Well this has probably been one of my toughest weeks. I have not seen illness like this in a looooonnnnnng time!

It started with Nicolai...two weeks ago he had been diagnosed and treated for a sinus infection. At approximately the same time Sonja was diagnosed and treated for an ear infection.

This week, Nicolai spiked another fever - took him in and they determined that his original sinus infection just never cleared up. That was Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoon, Sonja came home - spiked a temp, threw up and went to bed. That evening I began to feel icky. Came home from a hair appointment, had some dinner and went to bed with a fever.

Wed. morning - I was able to get Sonja squeezed into an appointment, but they were booked solid and couldn't get me in. Ran in, doctor wasn't sure what Sonja had, but she had too many "like" symptoms to just let it go. The doctor gave her something for it. It just so happened that her next patient was late and hadn't shown up so she quickly looked at me and again couldn't pinpoint exactly what was going on, but saw that my glands were starting to be swollen and my temp was elevated -so Praise God she gave me something too.

Normally I wouldn't be all eager just to throw meds at us just to do so. But I was so thankful that this doctor did see enough to give me something, because I landed in bed and was unable to move for two days. Today is the first day I can somewhat function. I'm feeling more like myself, but not 100%.

Nicolai has returned to school, but complains of his throat hurting (not sure if it is a side effect or not). Sonja continues to improve, but she isn't ready for school yet. She continues to cough and has a low grade fever.

We are praying that Joel doesn't get any of it and that the rest of us clear up completely. I wouldn't wish this for anyone....It has not been a fun week!

I hope all of you are healthy and well!

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