Monday, September 26, 2011


So where have I been? It's been a long time since I have written anything down! It was a busy summer, but a fun one! We traveled to Wisc. Dells, went to the local water park, enjoyed some other local events, had visitors coming and going. It was fun, but went by fast!

House hunting? Well, unfortunately my husband "reminded" me (I don't recall him telling me-I guess I wanted to forget) about another debt we need to pay back, so house hunting will probably be put on hold. A renting we will be until we can get a few things cleared up or if we can find something that will be less then our rental. Needless to say I'm a little saddened. I thought we were on the upswing of not owing too much - we only had my truck to pay back and that should be taken care of in a couple of years!

So the business continues to haunt me! :( Oh well, this too shall pass!

Hoping we get an anonymous windfall to cover it all and have it pass sooner, but the chances of that are very slim. I hear you have to play the lottery to win the lottery! :)

We have been house looking and continue to do so. Hoping we can find something that will be less then what our rental comes in at each month. That would help us out as well. We have a very nice rental town home, but desire to "decorate" and make it our own! Also would like to get a little more space between us and the next door neighbor. One wall just doesn't seem to be enough! I don't care to know when they do their laundry, wash their dishes or make their meals. (Kitchen is next to our bedroom and they aren't very quiet when they make meals!)

Some day we will have a single family home again! I guess I need to wait a little longer......

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Jennifer said...

It will happen in God's perfect timing! I feel cramped where we are too but God wants us here. Its so hard to walk in obedience. I have always wanted to go to the Wisconsin Dells. Glad you had a good time!! Your family is so beautiful.