Monday, June 27, 2011

House Hunting....

Now that we have been in South Dakota for one year and one month, we are getting a feel for the area we would like to live. We are looking at houses, which is fun, don't get me wrong - BUT we have a small foot print of area that we can look in. We happened to get into a rental last year that is in a school district south of Sioux Falls and has a small area near the city that's included in their district. I am not interested in switching Nicolai to a new school. He has acquired a few friends and now that he is entering into middle school, I'm not going to add fuel to the fire!

I know we will find a house. I always thought it would be fun to be on an HGTV show like House Hunters or one similar. I have written to two different networks for two different shows and haven't gotten a call - just proof that our life really is boring and low key!! Oh well, I'll take it over chaos any day!!

So the hunting continues....

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