Sunday, March 20, 2011

A New Normal

Now that we have been in South Dakota for almost one year we are finding our new "normal"! Nicolai is finishing out his fifth grade and Sonja is wrapping up in Preschool. This year has been a good year. Now if we can continue to connect with people and find our nitch!

It will come, it just takes time. As I was pulling away from church this morning, I wondered what God had in store for us now. We are meeting people every Sunday, but I still long for that closer connection. Someone who I can call or hang out with at a whims notice.

It will come, I know it will - it just takes time. For now, we are enjoying our new normal!

4 comment(s):

crystal said...

Hey I am so sorry about not e-mailing you back--things are crazy here! --Can I call you?--my e-mail is 6143094654

crystal said...

Lori--I am sorry I meant that is my # --my e-mail is you!

I have had very little sleep--I am sorry!!!!! :)

Jane said...

funny that you should have posted this on the birthday. AND oh how i can relate. i am still looking for my nitch.
praying for you, SS!

Lori said...

Crystal - Absolutely, I will email you again!

Jane - Well belated Happy Birthday! I hope it was a wonderful day!! I can't wait to possibly meet you in June! Praying for you too!