Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Minication!!

Yay!! My husband has taken a couple of days off of work and has taken me to Deadwood, SD! So far we are having a great time. No agenda, no schedule, no cooking, no cleaning.............ahhhhhh life is grand!!

We enjoyed our drive also. Stopped off in Wall to see the infamous Wall Drug! Yup, it's still huge and yup it's loaded with touristy stuff!

We got to Deadwood and walked around a little bit, snooped through an antique store and then enjoyed dinner at Morningstar Casino (it's acutally a restaurant above that, but I forgot the name!) It doesn't's just hubby and me, relaxing!! SMILE!!

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crystal said...

Hey Lori--Ho ware you --I have not blogged in forever but I have been wondering how you are!--I have been thinking about you guys a lot lately!--How is Nicolai --I am sorry I am not sure I spelled that right! :) --

We are finally going to get Caleb tested for Aspbergers and I have been thinking about you guys a lot lately--Remember when we talked on the phone a long time ago thank you for listening to me --I am not sure if I even thanked you --so THANK YOU!!!

If you ever need to talk --I am here for you --I get it and I understand and I will listen if you ever need talk.--I would love to know how you all are doing :)

I hope all is well with your family and your enjoying your new home and your move :) drop me a line if you get a chance I would love to hear from