Thursday, August 05, 2010

Checking in.....

So I thought that I would be better at updating this, but as usual life takes over and I find myself running out of time in a day!

We are doing well. I have established all the necessary care professionals for the kids and I except for a chiropractor. I just need to call and set up an appointment. I will do that soon, but got side tracked with the dentist visits.

It turns out that Sonja needs to have surgery. She is being put under on Wednesday the 18th. She is having four teeth filled and an extra tooth removed. Poor girl! Her teeth got away from us. She is a sweets girl though and will consume any and all forms of sugar. She starts school in a week or so. She's excited.

Nicolai too needs to have surgery done. He is having two or three extra teeth removed as well. He will probably be put under for that as well. He is our "911" child! Any little cut or scrape and he's screaming at the top of his lungs because he is hurt soooo badly! He just got his hair cut.............very short! Too short actually. Both Joel and I don't like how short it ended up to be, but are thankful that hair grows! We do like the fact that it is shorter though. His hair measured 10" in a ponytail which means it was probably a little longer then that when not in a pony. He starts school in a week and half. Crazy how quick this summer has gone.

I continue to organize. I am very close to having all boxes emptied and/or put in their places. Except for one small trailer load of stuff - we have been able to fit everything into our new location even if it's 1300 sq. ft smaller. I say whoo hoo!! I think the next move we will be de-cluttering more........hopefully. I have been able to get new glasses and a new do. It feels good to have new glasses, lesser headaches because I can see properly again!

Joel continues to enjoy his job. He travels from time to time. He has been spending time establishing an office for himself. He was booted out of the first one they gave him and needed to set up shop elsewhere. He is almost completed with it.

Summer in SD has been unusually wet. Lots of flooding and rain. I'm tired of the rain. I'm hoping that Fall is 60's and dry!

I hope you have enjoyed your summer.

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joven said...

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Jennifer said...

congrats on the move an glad to hear that you are settling in. I am finally back to blogging myself. That Facebook keeps getting in the way:)