Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Wow! Life is just a tad bit CrAzY right now!! On April 23, we had a one day garage sale. With help from my husband's parents and friends from church we were able to pull it off in a short period of time. It was a huge success. My mother-in law decided to sit out and open up another day and we managed to get rid of even more on our second day. Yay!!

On April 15th Joel had taken occupancy of a twin home. He had been staying there and after a week and a half confirmed that he was not happy with bringing his family to that particular twin home. He couldn't pin point the reason, but just felt that it wasn't the place we were suppose to be. On April 29th, he took occupancy of a new place just two or three blocks (as the crow flies) away an got into another twin home. This time, for only $100 more, found a space that was a little larger, included snow removal and lawn/landscaping care and was in a quieter neighborhood. He moved in and finally was able to feel at home. He didn't have any concerns about bringing his family there. Now that I have seen it, it has a few things that I would definitely change if I could, but over all it is very nice. It has a fireplace! We've never had one. Kinda fun!! See pics above!

Okay, I will be honest with you - there was a little bit of my fleshly self that had to work through downsizing from approx. 5000 sq. ft. (house and pole building) to 2400 sq. ft. That is some serious downsizing! It really has confirmed that we have too much STUFF and we need to get rid of some of that STUFF! I already have done a little bit of unpacking and have gotten rid of three box fulls so far. I expect to get rid of more!

We had amazing help loading and unloading our moving trucks. On Friday, May 7th we loaded up two trucks in Big Lake and on Sat., May 8th we unloaded in Sioux Falls. I was able to spend a couple of full days unpacking. It hardly made a dent in the garage that is full of boxes, but we will get it! We are so blessed to have amazing friends and family to help!

We are closing on the house this week. The kids and I will be staying with friends until school is done in June. We then will be moving to Sioux Falls and finally joining Joel to be a family again. It has been a crazy time. I look forward to home made meals again and having a normal bed to sleep in!

On Sunday after having moved our STUFF to Sioux Falls, Joel and I went to M D's to have breakfast before trying out a local church. I was surprised by my emotional state! I had basically had a melt down in M D's. Reality was setting in. No longer would my parents be three miles away. No longer would we see on a weekly basis friends. I know that we will have new friends and family to add to our current list of friends and family. God has a plan for us and I praise Him for carrying us through this CrAzY whirlwind!

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