Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Thank You and just thoughts........

Thank you to all who have left comments with kind words of encouragement and for praying. Keep the prayers coming, we haven't had anymore showings, but have fixed and redecorated Nicolai's bedroom. His bedroom was pretty beaten up and wasn't anything to look at, but now it's a new "guest" bedroom! Nicolai has finally moved to the basement - where he has always wanted to be! We are continue to trust God for this house and what He has planned!

We are now down to two months before we move. The time will go way too fast!

I'm enjoying every minute I can. I stop and stare out of the back windows of our home, thinking about the good times and trying to burn into my memory how beautiful it is.

I enjoyed our Good Friday service (something I will miss) and Easter Sunday! Our Good Friday service is always a special time. We simply have communion, but it is done sitting on the floor around a low table and sharing communion with each other. It's a great picture of what it could have been way back when..........

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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