Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Jan. 6th? Is that really the last time I posted? WOW!! So much has happend since......hang on for the ride!

So early February, my husband finally got word that he was chosen for a Foreman position in Sioux Falls, SD. Yeah....we're moving!

Joel had applied for this position back in November and hadn't heard anything so we were thinking it was not going to happen, but yet we were faced with having to sell our home.

Speaking of home.....I will post some pics for you. It has finally gotten listed. We listed March 1st and haven't had any action, but our very talented realtor says that the website is getting 27 hits a day! Now if we could turn those gauckers into buyers we would be set!

Tory (the dog) just got spayed. She is now walking around with a cone on her head. I'm hoping this recovery goes very quickly!!

Nicolai is in his self defense class again. He's actually in two classes and is trying to get as far as he can. He won't make black belt and he's a little bummed about that since that will be his next step if we were staying.

Sonja still loves preschool and is learning lots. She adores her cartoons and "movies" from time to time.

I have been procrastinating on packing a little, but realize that I need to get crackin' or it won't happen! We aren't sure of an exact move date yet, but we are looking at the first weekend in June as a reference point! Nicolai is done with school June 3rd and so we will probably have everything wrapped that week and take a long weekend to get moved in!

As June approaches, reality is beginning to set in. We won't be living in our community anymore and we won't be seeing the friends that we see every weekend and some that we see throughout the week. That's hard to think about. This is the part that I truly don't like to think about! Blah! We have such a great group of friends and will miss them horribly!

I am excited that the snow is finally gone and that Spring is beginning! The river in the back is up and our "lake" is returning like it does every Spring! I'm going to miss seeing the river changes and the wildlife that literally passes through our yard. It's hard to think about not seeing it anymore! God's creation is so amazing!

I won't miss the wood burner! But I will miss the heat it produced!! God has blessed us so greatly in this place. I know that He will bless us wherever we end up, but it's hard to think that there is anything that can match such a great setting already! I will find contentment in wherever God has us and I'm grateful for memory! I won't forget the memories that were created here with family and friends!

Happy Spring!

Here are the pics like I promised! If you are interested in this home by chance then please leave your email in the comments and I will forward it to our realtor to contact you! And Thanks in advance if it should work out!!!

Can't you see yourself living here? I can! This home is in Central Minnesota. Thirty minutes from Minneapolis, Twenty minutes from St. Cloud, Five minutes from the train that can take you to downtown Mpls. and right to the Twins front door! This home sits on 7.57 acres off of the beautiful river that flows on two sides of the property. You need storage? We got it! Four stall garage attached to the home and a pole building. All insulated and heated! This home has four bedrooms, three baths, two family rooms, a large kitchen, a office loft, a large craft/hobby room, in floor heat, whole house entertainment system, large back and side yard with large patio, landscaped around the entire house, lots of wildlife: deer, fox, geese, ducks, turtles, swan, turkeys and many birds! Oh and don't forget the Hawks and Eagles!

You want to live here - I just know it!!!

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Neesie said...

It looks beautiful! I would certainly buy it if I had some money...but I don't. ;-)

Lori said...

Awe Neesie - Your the cutest!!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOh, what a gorgeous home. Yes, lots of wonderful memories in the mansion by the river. We love it!! Gram DD