Sunday, September 06, 2009

Wow! Where has the time gone?

I haven't been very good about this journal thing lately, but would like to get back into it. I miss my Blogtown world and hope that I can reconnect! There really hasn't been much to discuss, but here's our world of late....

Sonja (3) has successfully mastered the toilet!! We never thought it would happen, but she surprised us and did it!! She is going to start preschool next week and is very excited. We are sending her to a local church in town who offers a Christian preschool. We are excited for her!

Nicolai (9) has been busy this summer keeping up with his Wii scores and playing with the neighbor boy. He too starts school next week and is entering the 4th grade. We are hoping to find some extra online courses that will keep him challenged. He is reading an eighth grade level book and comprehending and he is doing a six or seventh grade level math. He is very smart!! When you ask him his favorite part about school? he states that it is gym, math, recess and lunch! We have been praying for his teachers, the other classmates and the district. We pray that this year will be a great year! We are going back to the doctors this fall to look further into things. The ADHD medicine has never really been enough and hasn't completely helped us out. We are going back to talk the possibility of Bipolar. I'm not excited for this, but would like to find out what is going on. We have finally determined that it isn't our parenting (some people still think it is), but we know that he is not your average child. He has a little more going on inside of his head and his actions then the average child. We are seeking after God for guidance and strength.

Joel (I won't tell you his age, but he's creeping up on a big number!!) Loves his new job with the railroad. God has truly blessed us with this job. He certainly has provided and protected and continues to do so. Joel comes home with exciting things that he got to see or do. His stress levels have diminished! Praise God!! Joel continues to serve as Chair of Elders in our church, a teacher in our children's program and as "Grandpa Henry" in our Family Service dramas.

Me (I just turned another number) It was a great birthday! No hot air balloons this year, but a beautiful arrangement of flowers and a couple of fun gifts! I am currently doing administrative things for our Student Ministries program along with a variety of other odds and ends for our church. I keep busy! I continue to make cards when I have the time and get away for a weekend here and there to scrap with friends!

We have had a good summer overall! We had to finally get rid of the "dog dish" if you remember, I use to call our pool the dog dish and wondered if Clifford was ever going to show up. He never did, but our "dog dish" died! The pump stopped working and didn't want to start up for us again.

This summer has been a summer of adjustments. One getting use to a paycheck again....that is weird, but we praise God every day for it! After nine months of no income, we are forever grateful for the opportunity of a job! With this job though has been an adjustment to Joel's schedule. He is on call and can be called in at anytime. He could put in a full day of work and be called back in because of an emergency, but we are adjusting and figuring it all out. We are still grateful despite the crazy hours from time to time!

I hope you have had a great summer!

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Jenny and Matt said...

Can you believe it's school-time already?
I'm glad to see an update - sounds like things are pretty good!

Joel said...

Jenny and Matt - it is so good to hear from you! I will be hopping over to check your page out soon! It is hard to believe how fast this summer zoomed by. Things are going really well - God is soooooo good!!

Joel said...

oops that was actually me - didn't realize I was under my husbands account!! Lori