Friday, April 24, 2009


My sister in Christ,-Jane Jane has tagged me. So here goes...

Rules for Eight...
~ Mention the person that tagged you. (check)
~ Complete List of 8's (gonna)
~ Tag 8 Bloggy friends - not sure I have that many?
~ Go tell them you tagged them.

8 Things I am looking forward to:
~ Heaven
~ Meeting Jesus face to face and having him answer my questions.
~ Seeing my children as adults
~ My husband starting his new job.
~ Having our business completely closed.
~ Being comfortable in my own skin.
~ Hopefully traveling on vacation again.
~ Starting a new!

8 Things I did yesterday.
~ Read my Bible
~ Showered
~ Changed Sonja's pants
~ Peeled the WEI logo off of our work van.
~ Made dinner
~ Talked with the neighbor
~ Facebooked
~ Neglected the dirty dishes

8 Things I wish I could do.
~ Sing the National Anthem in front of a large stadium of people and sound good.
~ Fly a plane
~ Not get frustrated with my children when they make wrong choices.
~ Get Sonja to be completely potty trained.
~ Ignore sweets, sugars and anything bad for me.
~ Consume only water, veggies and fruits (and an occasional protein).
~ Open an orphanage and not have any red tape from any governments.
~ Grow a huge garden and love working in it.

8 Shows I watch.
~ The Locator
~ How It's Made
~ The Office
~ Deadliest Catch
~ Chase
~ The Amazing Race
~ Jon and Kate Plus 8
~ Biggest Loser
I don't catch these on a regular basis - I watch when I have time - which isn't much!!

~ 8 Bloggers I'm tagging.
~ Sorry - I haven't been blogging for well forever - so if you are reading this and want to play along - YOU ARE TAGGED!!! Have fun!

2 comment(s):

Jane-Jane said...

i love getting to know you more. thanks for playing along.

Mom said...

Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the attitude of gratitude award!!