Sunday, February 08, 2009

17 Years?!

WOW!! Where does the time go? I seem to be asking that question a lot lately!! Time is flying by!

Joel and I celebrated our 17th Wedding Anniversary today! Despite financial down-turn we were able to still get away and celebrate. My parents babysat - so grateful and we grabbed the gift card that was given to me at my birthday back in August and headed to P.F. Ch@ngs!! Yum!! We had a great time talking, dreaming, looking to the future and remembering the past!

One thought that always comes up every year is our honeymoon experience of spending two nights in a hotel room eating 0reo cookies and drinking C0ke because of the lack of fundage! Hmmmmm you think we might have learned something!?! Just kidding. This financial strain is due to business and lack there of!! It really has been out of our control. We were in control and turning a good leaf on June of last year and then October hit and the bottom fell out! What ya' do? Pray and keep moving forward!

Today was a fun day to get out. We also managed to catch a early movie and got cheap tickets! Yeah baby!! We chose to see "Taken". All I can say is, WOW!! It's not a movie I would recommend or promote, but if you are an adult and can handle a few scenes, language and violence - go see it! The love that a father has for his daughter is compelling! It's a "on the edge of your seat" kind of movie!!

I am pretty proud to say I am still married and married to my best friend that I met and fell in love with 17 years ago. (Actually, 18 years ago, but you see we met at the end of April and were engaged mid July of the same year and we were married the following February!) We know what we want when we see it!! It's been an interesting travel, but a good one!!!

Happy Anniversary, Babe!! I love you, always and forever!!!

PS. If you were hoping to help Nicolai out with his Jump Rope fundraiser! Sorry, it's over!!

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Rhonda said...

Happy Anniversary :-)

Jennifer said...

Don't you just love PF Changs? Jim and I ate there last year at my birthday ( the night I got pregnant heehee) and then for Valentines Day. I love their lettuce wraps and crispy green beans. For our meal we had the Sea Bass and the Hot Fish! Awesome. I am glad you had a great anniversary and were able to get away. Happy 17th