Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WOW!! Where did January go?

I can't believe it is already the 27th!! So where have I been? I have had a few people comment and wonder what has happened to me. It's called facebook!! I check that at least once a day along with my emails and that's it! I don't have much time for anything else.

I have been busy with Norwex. A few nice folks have had an in-home party for me. Thank you!! I'm looking for anyone willing to open their home and invite their neighbors, friends and co-workers. It's a great way to get to know them better! It doesn't have to cost you anything. In fact, I ask people not to go crazy with snacks and drinks because then it intimidates others from having an in-home party. Several people are sending E-vites for their parties and then sending a reminder or follow up invite from that same site. It's pretty easy. So what do you think? Wanna have a party? It's easy, it's product that EVERYONE can use and you get a boat load of free stuff depending on how well your party turns out to be. Email me - I'm open to book parties too. So if you live far away - I'll send you catalogs and you can share with your friends.

I also have been busy with my portfolio. I put together a portfolio of Wedding invitations, RSVP cards, Thank You Cards, Menu Cards, Place-cards, and other party related items. A local company is willing to share with their clients my portfolio, so I'm hoping to generate some income that way as well! I'm praying for excellent, understanding clients. No Bridezilla's please!! :)

Joel and I continue to seek God for direction with our company. It is not looking good, but we continue to plug away (no pun intended)!

Nicolai continues to have good and bad days. We are on the mostly good days swing. Occasionally we have an upset of epic proportions, but he seems to be coming out of them sooner. We currently don't have insurance and so we have put his medical care on the back burner. That sounds bad, but without medical assistance, we can't afford the care that he needs. So we continue to help him with occupational therapy tools and tricks at home. He isn't on any medication and seems to do better without the ADHD medicine then when on. I am reading a book called, "The Bipolar Child". Sadly, most of what it is talking about fits our situation, so I'm trying to do more research so that when we receive insurance again, I can talk with a doctor with more of an educated mind then not.

Nicolai is excited for karate to start up again. This turn around he is trying for the red stripe - I think! He has picked up reading and can actually lay on the couch and read for hours! It has been a very nice change!! :)

Sonja continues to struggle with potty training. So I have given up on it for now. I remind myself that she won't want to have to change a diaper on her dates when she is 16 or 18 depending on when we allow her! I'll stick to potty training for now - can't think of boys and dating just yet!! She loves her dollies, purse and pretend makeup! She is 100% girl with attitude!! The Sunday School Teacher told me on Sunday that she put a couple of the little boys in line when she yelled at them to "share". The boys weren't playing nice and sharing and Sonja yelled, "SHARE"! They were scared!!

Well that's my world in a nut shell! I hope you are having a great month! Adios Amigos.....til' later!

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Jenny and Matt said...

Hi Lori -
Nice to hear how you all are doing.
Facebook has stolen lots of bloggers away! Thanks for checking back with us now and again!

Jennifer said...

Things sure sound busy there. Regarding the Book the Bipolar Child, don't let it scare you. I have read the book myself and found it helpful but a lot of it seemed like worst case scenario advice. I have since been feeling like what my Reynaldo has is more of FASD. He just seems to fit under there better. I guess in the long run it doesn't matter what the actual diagnosis is but whether the child is getting the help he needs.
Hang in there and I will be praying for your company and God's will. God always provides

Rhonda said...

WOW Lori, you have been so busy as the rest of us. I just haven't been able to get into the whole "facebook" scene. It overwhelms me!!!