Monday, December 08, 2008

AAaaah Christmas....

My favorite time of year. Despite the tough Fall, I am looking forward to a great Christmas season. It will be lean, but all the better! I don't get excited about the purchasing and receiving gifts. I do enjoy giving and so I have, once again, become "crafty" in being able to figure out how to do that! Time is running out though. Did you know there is only 17 or so more days left until Jesus' birth?! Amazing how time flies!!
I have managed to squeeze in two Norwex home parties, which is very exciting. My first official home party will be on Sunday, November 14 and my second will be Thursday, November 18. I will have to pull up my boot straps and put my selling hat on. I'm not a sales person by any means, but the product is good and is something that will improve your lifestyle so I am willing to sell it!
Thanksgiving was very quiet, but very nice! We spent the morning playing bingo with the nice "grandmas and grandpas" at the local nursing home. We returned home and "vegged" the rest of the day! It was actually very nice! We then spent Friday celebrating with Joel's family at his brother's home.
Joel continues to work hard at adding improvements to our commercial building, up town. We have completely filled it with leasers - PRAISE GOD!! January we should start seeing a positive cash flow! Whoo hoo!!
As for business....ummmm....not so much, but we continue to pray for God's guidance and direction through the current valley! He has never failed us, He continues to provide and protect. We are so grateful!
I hope all of you are excited for Christmas. I'm thinking of those who will be missing a loved one, and I am so sorry that you need to endure Christmas without them. I will be praying for you, that you will remember the joyful Christmas' you had with them. I will be thinking of the families who will be missing a loved one who are serving for our country. I have never had to deal with that. I'm sure it's not easy!
I am thankful that I have my family and friends close to celebrate with. Well that's it for now. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog. I haven't forgotten about my blog buddies. I have joined the Facebook craze and so you can find me there most days. It's time to make dinner and off to another meeting.......til' then.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like things are going good. I love Christmas too. I really need to get my butt shopping.

Rhonda said...

So great to see your post and hoping that you are enjoying the holiday season! I have yet to truly get into all the decoration part but maybe this weekend, hahaha!!!