Friday, November 14, 2008


In the past I had indicated that I was going to try and sell greeting cards and paper crafts. Honestly, that takes the fun away for me. I really enjoy doing those things, just to do! Instead of selling cards, I have chosen to try my hand at selling Norwex. To learn more about Norwex and it's products, visit my page.

They are truly these incredible cloths that with water alone clean many many things!! I love them! Let me know if you want to experience Norwex for yourself. Save time, money and your health by switching to Norwex.

Contact me also if you are interested in hosting a catalog party or a home party (if you live close by)! I would love to help you out!

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Jane-Jane said...

I will check out your Norwex page the beginning of the week (we JUST got back from being gone all week)

ryc...I would drive you crazy if you lived next door to me (ask Jack...he knows me the best ;) however it would be fun to have you close so we could hold each other accountable. when I'm focussed, there's no stopping me. I'm thankful for the focus for this long. come on down and i'll be your coach!