Tuesday, November 11, 2008


con·tent·ment Pronunciation: \kən-ˈtent-mənt\
Function: noun Date: 15th century 1 : the quality or state of being contented
2 : something that contents

I have been learning contentment all year! It has been a rough one!! God is amazing as always!! He has provided for and protected us in more ways then we will probably ever know. Business has been steady, but the income has been hit or miss. A couple months back, my husband was approached by one of our supplier reps. The supplier rep. had mentioned to Joel that there was another electrical manufacturer starting up a new service/programming rep program. They were picking one company or person from each state to service and program their lighting automation systems. It was between my husband and one other guy from MN. My husband was chosen. THANK YOU GOD!! Joel is in Austin as I type this being trained for certification to become one of the Reps that will service and program their automation systems. It's exciting. We learned on Sunday when he got down there that it wasn't going to be just for MN but the Midwest. Yelp!! We aren't sure exactly what that means yet. I am only guessing that it will mean traveling. I'm not too excited about that, but am excited for the opportunity. I'm praying that this opens some doors for us to financial freedom. I am not looking to be a billionaire or anything, just wanting to be debt free! That's all!! Debt free is the goal and steady income would be nice too!! God has given me peace about our current situation. I am content with where we are at, but always open to new adventure if God leads us.

On other news....I am struggling with potty training. Sonja seems to be fine with wetting her pants. I probably need to relax and find contentment with her going only a couple times on the potty a day! Sonja loves "class" at church, she has wonderful teachers. She also enjoys coloring, play-doh and playing on her toy laptop. She will bring her laptop and sit right next to me at the table while I'm on the Internet. It's cute! The laptop is annoying with sounds, but it's cute!!

Nicolai continues to struggle socially. We recently were bringing him to an OT. I wish someone would have told me sooner about Occupational Therapy! It opened a whole new DRUG FREE world! We tried three years of various ADHD meds and none of them were successful in aiding our son. Unless you consider four hour tantrums, being threatened by and very irritable- aiding!! We are learning new things about him every day. I may have mentioned this before, but we found out that he is unable to get dizzy. The OT put him on a swinging platform and spun him as fast as she could in a circle and then let it go. She stopped him abruptly and checked his eyes for movement and there was NONE!! So I took him home and had him do the baseball bat spin - yeah know the one where you place one end of the bat on your forehead and the other on the ground and then spin around it as fast as you can. He did that and didn't get dizzy. He stood up, stood still and said, "OK - now what?!" I would have NEVER figured that out! I continue to give the vitamins and minerals from time to time. He doesn't take them every day. They do help, but not enough. Academically he is doing really well. He has been placed into advance math classes. Recently we were approached for him to join a special group of gifted children. We are in the process of completing the forms and learning more about it. He enjoys coloring, his hand-held gaming system and playing with the neighbor boy. He is becoming more and more responsible with Sonja too. He wants to babysit and get paid for it. We left him for the first time on Saturday for only an hour while Sonja was napping. It went well, he called me and told me he got her up and then put her back to bed. I don't know why, but it all went well. We won't be doing that very often - I was a nervous wreck!!

I many times feel inadequate or feel as if I missed my calling. God has been teaching me contentment and that He has me where He can best use me at this time. He is teaching me many things through finance, parenting and marriage. I am praising God for a wonderful husband and strong marriage, beautiful children who teach me new things every day and contentment with what I have. He provides and gives us exactly what we need!

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Heidi said...

I hear you on the potty training. Neither one of my boys want to sit on the potty or care if their underwear gets wet. So, we are taking a break from potty training and will try again later. Argh!!! I cannot wait until diapers are behind us!

Chad said...

Austin, TX or Austin, MN?

Jane said...

Lori, I have been following your blog for a while since I reconnected with Chad (we lived behind each other and went to school together in Mahomet). He now lives about 5 miles from me in St. Louis. I love how you love your children no matter what their learning differences are~~especially with Nicolai. Have you read the book, The Out of Sync Child? It is a great book and helped me as a parent (kid with Sensory OT/ADHD and as an educator in a school for kids with learning differences. Check out my blog.

Jane-Jane said...

so what's up with the not being able to get dizzy? never heard of that before....wish I was that way!

been praying for you....glad to hear about the income opportunity for Hubby... praise GOD!

MJ said...

My son had the very same thing with not getting dizzy, its a sensory issue. He was diagnosed with sensory intgration disorder and the not getting dizzy is related to the vestibuler or movement system.

What a normal person gets spinned their eye moves back and forth, for my son it took 20 or 30 spins to get the same result. OT was fabulous in terms of helping deal with some of the sensory issues and reregulating his body!

Im glad you are finding somthing that works for Nicolai!

Rhonda said...

What a great and inspiring post Lori. So excited for your husband and the opportunities that may arise.

Best wishes with your son and we are RIGHT there with ya on the potty training only I can't get Emily to go on the potty or give up that BOTTLE...........ahhhhhh