Thursday, September 11, 2008

Still believing for a miracle....

Last Thursday, the specialist tested Emily's eyes and determined that they needed to try and do surgery again. Friday she went into surgery, they found that her carotid(one of the main ones) artery and her optic nerve or vascular were fused together and so they separated the two and cleaned up the area in hopes to get better blood flow to her eye area. Tuesday or Wednesday of this week another MRI was done and it was determined that there is no blood flow to her eyes and therefore they are dead.

We are still believing for a miracle. God can still restore her vision if it's His will. She is possibly being released to go home tomorrow. Emily is anxious to get home.

They will be looking into occupational therapy and a near-by school for the blind, eventually. Please continue to pray for the adjustments that everyone will need to make.

Thank you to everyone who has remembered Emily and her family in your prayers. It is greatly appreciated.

It has been hard to be so far away. I know that Emily is not the first or the only to have to go through this, but this is something very new to our family. If you have had experience with this, could you please leave a comment with web sites or suggestions. She will need to learn again to do day to day things, now in a different way.

If nothing else, educate me on what she may experience having been able to see for fourteen years and now experiencing blindness. I don't know what that is like and any insight into emotions, obstacles, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Are there tools or other things such as audio books, etc.? Thank you!

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Kim said...

Lori - There are lots of resources for your niece. I would suggest checking out This is the website for the American Printing House for the Blind. (I used to work here) They have information on all kids of adaptive aids, resources to learn braille, etc. The technology that is available for her is amazing right now. If she needs resouces, they can call APH and they can get her in contact with local agencies that can help.

I'm sorry that the blood isn't flowing, but I can tell you that I worked with many people who were visually impaired and they still lived very full amazing lives. Email me if you have any other questions.

Maxine said...

All of you, especially Emily, are in our thoughts and prayers. I wish I had helpful links for you, but I know little about this. I'm sure the web is full of helpful sites. God bless this dear young girl as she carries this burden at her age. People have been known to do amazing things in their lives even with disabilities--someone may wish to read her the story of Fannie Crosby.

And yes, God can do a miracle if He so chooses.

Rhonda said...

Oh Lori, I am so incredibly sorry to hear of the news. Please let Emily know we will say a special prayer for her. So many things have changed and I wish I had more help for you but I don't. My grandmother lost her sight due to diabetes and learned braille but there is so much more these days to help with all kinds of skills. Take special care of yourself as well during this time of change and God definitely can do miracles and does all the time.

Blessings, Rhonda

Heidi said...

I used to work with people who have all sorts of disabilities, and there is a lot of really cool assistive technology out there, a lot of which can be covered by the government if it helps her with school or work. Here are a few websites I found that might help you get started...

Jane-Jane said...

Oh Lori, I have been and will continue to pray. I have no resources for you, and have not had exposure in this area....I will pray for tons of info to come into your family. God is good, every day, He is still in control, and is not surprised by this diagnosis.

Love, hugs and prayers.