Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Remember Emily

I hate that we are facing this again, but God must have a plan for this. Emily is going into surgery again today to remove another tumor found on her pituitary gland. She is struggling in school and struggling with her vision. She is fourteen and just wants to be a normal teenager. Please pray for Emily, the doctors, her family and her teachers/school for understanding. They say this surgery will be more invasive then the last one. Ask for complete healing in prayer and for understanding of God's will. Thank you!

Please also remember all of the children heading back to school or who have already returned. Pray for Nicolai and his teacher, Ms. Wanner. Pray for understanding. Thank you!!

2 comment(s):

Jane-Jane said...

any updates?

Rhonda said...

I am so very sorry and most definitely will include her in our prayers. May the good Lord sustain her and show her the path best for her. blessings always, Rhonda