Monday, September 15, 2008


A conversation I recently had:

The phone rings and I answer, "Hello?!". The caller on the other line is a telemarketer, "Is Joel in?" My reply, "No, he is not". Telemarketer, "Oh, OK, would you like me to call later?". Me, "Umm, No". Click! Oops, I think he asked the wrong question! I know he is just doing his job, but I think he needs a new job!

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Chad said...

If you haven't already you should add your number to the do not call registry. It take a month to be active.

If they call in the meantime you can tell them to add you to their do not call list. By law they cannot contact you anymore.

If it is a company you do business with they can contact you. And you can't stop the politicians from calling, but you can stop most of the telemarketers.

We had gotten used to not having telemarketing calls until we moved. We had to go through it again.

Ellie said...

My favorite comment back to the telemarketers...

You know, I would love to talk to you but, I am really busy right now, so if you can give me YOUR Home Phone Number I will call you back....

I usually get hung up on~ But, some of them do reply with... I can't do that... So my comeback is... Then DON'T CALL ME BACK AT HOME~

Maxine said...

That's funny. I put our number on the no call list and it's been much better!