Monday, September 01, 2008

Celebrating Continues...

So here is how my weekend went down....

Thursday evening, as you know from my previous post, Joel and I went out and he surprised me with a balloon ride that needed to wait. Friday evening, my girlfriend Heather B., took me out to dinner. While out to dinner, she got a phone call from my neighbor, Heather, who was calling to talk with her regarding the party and coordinating everything. (Heather B. made up an excuse that it was a friend from church calling her.) Now that I look back, Heather B. was going crazy trying to keep this all from me.

Saturday morning, Joel and I took the balloon flight. Before we left for our flight at 5AM, my Mom says to me (very emotionally) that they are leaving in the morning for South Carolina to be with my sister and my niece. My niece's tumor returned and is having surgery on Tuesday. My Mom was probably torn on what to do. So, Joel then is SCRAMBLING, to make arrangements for our children who were going to be with my parents.

I felt bad, because I had a suspicion that something was going down. My husband was stressing about what to do. He called several people. He kept running to the garage to use that phone. Later I found out that he called Heather B. panicking and she got her Mom and Grandma to come and help her husband's Mom watch all of the kids. He tells me that he got the neighbors to watch our kids.

So now it's Sunday morning. We get ready and go to church. A few people at church wished me a happy birthday, but most seemed to "avoid" me. Everyone was acting weird and "off"! I sensed something anyway! We get home from church, have lunch and by the afternoon our neighbors come over. So Dave, Heather and Macy come walking over to watch the kids and we leave to "go out" for a little bit. Before we leave Joel slips Heather a note (I didn't see it), but they all have these weird looks on their faces. Joel has this huge grin on his face while putting on his shoes. He doesn't think I see him. Meanwhile, I'm thinking, Heather told me she had a party to plan for her Mother-in law and so how can they watch my kids while planning a party - they are amazing! Which, they are anyway, but this was over the top!!

Joel and I went to St. Cloud to "kill" time, I mean go-out. While we were out, Dave and Heather ran to Dan and Heather's to drop our kids off there so Dan and Heather's Mom's /Grandma could watch their kids and ours. Then Dan and Heather and Dave and Heather and Macy were at our house decorating and preparing food. We were suppose to be home by 6pm and we were running late. I'm in the car telling him that he should call Heather and apologize for being late and that we will be there soon. We finally pulled in at 6:15 or so. Joel makes up the excuse that he needs to go to the bathroom. Dave is putting his shoes on and saying, "OH I had better go get Macy and get home so I can help with the party at our place". So I suggest to Dave that he should just leave Macy play at our house for a little bit since Sonja and her were playing so nicely. He says that it's ok and walks out the door. I head down stairs to check on the kids and....

SURPRISE!! Everyone who was here comes walking out of the hallway and area to surprise me. IT WAS A SURPRISE. By the time we got home, I was thinking, "Ok there is nothing happening now". "Dave and Heather do have a party at their house for her Mother-in law and so maybe Sonja, Macy and I will just run to Coborn's and get a movie to watch". Oh little did I know what was happening. I thought I had it figured out! My husband was exhausted and thrilled that the parties were over! He worked very hard to surprise me.

Heather and Dan B. & Dave and Heather worked VERY hard to surprise me as well. I am so thankful for amazing friends who are willing to go to ALL that work just for me!! It was fun! Everyone left pretty early which was a bummer, but we had kids to get back home and into bed, so it worked out really well.

Thank you to ALL who came, gave gifts, cards, wished me a happy one and helped my husband pull this off! YOUR AMAZING!!

I had an amazing 40th! Thank you to all!!

I hope you have an amazing Labor Day!

Thank you, Honey! You did a great job!! I'm proud of you! Both, you and I know you are NOT the surprise type of person! You did an awesome job!! Thank you!!!

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Jennifer said...

Yeah!!!!! They surprised you!!!!! Sounds like so much fun. Have a blessed 40th year

Rhonda said...

What a fun time and what a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!