Sunday, August 10, 2008

More cuteness...

Here is more cuteness... Sonja is smiling and "posing" for me now when I take out the camera. She is so funny!! Afterwards she wants to see what the picture looks like!! I would put up her brother, but he doesn't allow me to take pictures of him or at least that's what he says!! :)

Sonja is jabbering non-stop and more and more of it each day becomes understandable! She doesn't like bugs or anything that shouldn't be on her, on her! She is climbing EVERYTHING! The other day she climbed up and got the milk out of the fridge so that she could fill her "sippy" up!! I went up to the kitchen later on in the day and the milk was a little "beat up" and sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor! I think it tumbled out of the fridge and onto the floor! She's a strong little cookie! Speaking of cookies - that's all she would eat, if I let her!! It doesn't seem like she eats much at all these days, but she's growing and definitely getting heavier! She's still cute...

As for her brother - he is reading much more - which is nice! He is in karate and will be acquiring his purple stripe on his green belt tomorrow evening. He is also in VBS this week. I send him to our old church for this. He remembers and asks about going, so I send him! My girlfriend, Heather, (not my neighbor) who attends the church, invited him and paid for him to go this year!! That was a huge blessing for us!! She is so sweet!! She is also heading up the VBS program - I'm proud of her! She seems to take on big projects and pulls them off beautifully!! She doesn't sit idle! She has four children and runs, runs, runs!!

Not much else going on. I'm looking forward to a scrap weekend away, coming soon!

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Jane-Jane said...

sounds like you have enough on your plate! you do know that you don't have to be running 24/7 to be effective in life!?!

when does school start for Nico?

I'm going to be scrapping the weekend of the 23rd....I had hoped to have other priorities by that time, but looks like I won't, so I'm gonna go enjoy some girl time, hopefully I will get some projects done.