Saturday, July 26, 2008


As I was checking in with some of my blog buddies, current and old, I was thinking about blogging and how long it's been. I think I started this blog back in 2005 and can't believe that it has been that long!! Almost three years since I started this thing - crazy!! Where does the time go?! My blog friends have been a revolving door as well. I have some that we have stayed connected since day one, but I also have several that I haven't heard from and honestly, I've lost their addresses to and so I have no idea how to reconnect. And I know I have the lurkers, who honestly haven't stepped up and told me who they are. That's ok. I don't mind if you are amused by my boring life!!

Life is status is waaaay down - slow!! Church is hoppin'! Kids keep growing. Blog posts - still keep coming, not sure how much longer?! I just need to figure out how to back up my post entries - anyone want to help me with that? I will be forever grateful!!

Well that was a random post - but then again - life is kinda random!

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Jane-Jane said...

SS...I wish you were my neighbor too!!! and you would be that much closer to your sister too!

I have a blog that I read...she prints her blog by year into a book...kinda like a digital photo album. I can get you her link if you like!

You CAN'T stop blogging...what will I do!?!

JuJu - said...

LOVE your new hair:)

I hadnot heard from you in forever either;)

your family is too cute and I hope you have not last my address!

Jamie said...

I admit it...I love checking in on your blog! Love the new haircut too!

My husband has my blog printed into a book each year so my children will have it when they are older. But I'm not sure if that's what you meant when you said back up your blog.

Anyway...keep on blogging!

Heidi & Scott said...

I'm still around- I just don't comment on blogs anymore because all I have time to do is skim read them!!

Hey- we're talking about maybe coming up to the Twin Cities sometime in the next month or two. If it works out, would you maybe want to meet up?

Jennifer said...

How do people go about printing out there blogs? I have wondered the same thing many times.
How are you? Are you guys enjoying your summer. What is the school plan for Sept?