Sunday, June 01, 2008

As promised...

Here are a few pictures from the last three days. I was helping my neighbor at her work, designing flowers and setting up and decorating for two weddings. My neighbor had five weddings to design flowers for and coordinate. She did an incredible job!!

My first flower design job! Very simple!!

I put these together too! It was fun!!

This is my incredibly talented neighbor, Heather. She is designing a bride's bouquet.

These two pictures are the finished bouquet. This will run the bride $300.

The next pictures are from day two. I went to a gated community's country club in Eden Prairie to decorate. This was a beautiful wedding.

This was a candleabra. I assembled seven of them. The finished product stood 4 - 4 1/2 feet tall. They were super cool!

More centerpieces for this wedding.

Head table.

This picture was suppose to flip - not sure why it didn't! This was the isle decor.

A Flower Girl Wagon! Super Cute!!

This was a wedding that I help decorate on Saturday. It was flower power overload!! This gal loves flowers and flowers she got!

What's going on - I flipped these pics! Sorry!! This is the isle decorations.

Head table.

One of four different center pieces.

Sorry your neck is probably getting sore.

This is a candy bar! We did not do this, but I thought it was cool! This is the latest craze at weddings! Candy/Snack Bar!

Well that's what has kept me busy for the last three days. I'm wiped out!! It is all good though! I plan to help out when called this Summer - if I can get child care lined up!! If you liked what you saw and are in the Minneapolis area give Festivities a call! They will help you with all your party needs!!

After all the decorating was done, we headed back to the shop to pack up and go home. There were extra flowers and brought back flowers from Fridays wedding, so I loaded them up and brought them to church today. Here is my first attempt at floral arranging without any assistance! I used the loose flowers that I brought home and then allowed people to bring them home to enjoy! I still have some training to do!!

sorry for any typos - spell check is not working!! Come on Blogger!

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Emily's Entries said...

Wow! Those are really pretty Aunt Lori!

Jane-Jane said...

BEAUTIFUL! you girls have some serious talent!

with all those flowers and candles, I would be in need of my inhaler for sure!

Jamie said...

Those are all so lovely! Wish my wedding flowers would have looked that good!

Greta Jo said...

If and when I get married will you do my flowers? Beautiful, Just Beautiful

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...