Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you to all who bid and tried to get something from our auction! We appreciate you and your willingness to purchase or at least try to purchase!! We are thankful that it is over. We pray that everyone will be in Monday and Tuesday to pick up their items and that they will be satisfied with what they bid on.

We praise God for carrying us through this time and for bringing forth good results! Thanks for praying!!

On another note... I spent the day with my neighbor at her work putting together floral arrangements and getting things set for five weddings. Tomorrow I get to decorate for one of the weddings and get to see how all the various things are pulled together for someones special day! Pictures will be coming... I had fun, but I'm tired. I haven't worked out of the home for approximately 2 years and it has been over 10 for someone other then myself or my husband! It was good to get out of the house again!

2 comment(s):

Jane-Jane said...

I thankful that your auction was a success!

Are you just having fun with your work this week? Or are you looking for employment in this area?

I have been praying for your family, very specifically since you posted about the auction.

Love, hugs and prayers!

Lori said...

Sadly - both, but because I'm committed to being a stay at home Mom for now, I'm only going to help my neighbor out when she has intense weeks or crazy weekends to get through - so I don't anticipate doing this on a regular basis, but the extra fundage will help out!