Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Day Late....

But not forgotten.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EMILY AND MY FRIEND SHELLY!! Yesterday they celebrated their special days!! I hope you both had a fabulous day!!
Emily is doing well. She is still being tutored at home for school. She struggles to still remember things or retain things, so school is a bit of a struggle. She is starting to be weaned off of the medications that she is on. Please pray for smooth transition and her ability to complete ninth grade before she has to start tenth!
Joel and I were able to get out on a date last night. We did a variety of things including seeing Ben Stein's Expelled. I recommend it. That's all I'm going to say, I'm still processing. It brought great discussion between Joel and I. It is a documentary - it is not a movie!! It felt good to get out and away for a couple of hours. It was Prom in Maple Grove, so while we were eating we got to see all the pretty girls and handsome guys! It was fun(ny) to watch!
As far as Nicolai - we have begun a natural medicine/vitamin program with him from Dianne Craft, MA, CNHP. Thank you Julie for sharing this with us. We are going to try it! It is audio cd's on The Biology of Behavior. It explores the physical causes of behavior and attention problems in a child. It all makes sense. It is a three month program, but so far it's worth the try. I would rather put natural foods/medicines in my child than chemicals. The chemicals that we have been trying have not worked. We have done three years of different chemically based drugs and not a single one was the answer. I'm not sure if this program will be either, but I'm more comfortable with it then I ever have been with the other.

Thank you again for all of your input and prayers. It is greatly appreciated.

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Maxine said...

Lori! I just read your past few posts and Oh my goodness! I had no idea!I haven't been going visiting my blogging friends because of busyness, but every time I do that I miss stuff! I have to process all this, but will be praying, praying, praying. I just wrote you guys in my prayer journal. What is this world coming to? How is this going to make Nico feel about himself. I'll be praying God will intervene.

Jane-Jane said...

I love natural stuff too... and even my husband, the pharmacist, supports my fish oil, salmon and walnuts vs. a drug, especially since my numbers weren't that far off and my overall cholesterol was only 137.

here's my caution to VERY careful what naturals you take with man made chemicals. I am NOT allowed to eat grapefruit because of my antihistamine. If Nico is on any chemicals....double check with your doctor, pharmacist, your natural supplier and if possible a pharmacist that specializes in vitamins. mixing the two can be deadly!

hugs and prayers to you guys!
now back to my break I go!

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

I've heard good things about that movie. I hope to see it soon but lately I don't see much until it comes out on video.

Keep us informed about the new natural treatment. I'm interested.

Jennifer said...

I am still praying for you. Please let me know what you think of the program. I read the info on it and it sounds wonderful but I would love to hear some reviews on it. The date night sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wish Lor. I had a great day. I appreciate all you are going through with Nico and pray you just keep pluggin as you are doing. I know love and the never give up attitude will do it. I think the natural way to go is a great alternative to the chemical things people try with no avail. Nico will be a much happier boy when he knows you're all happier with him. Good luck my friend..Thinking of you...Shelly B.