Friday, April 11, 2008

Mixed Up!

I have so much going on in my head, but not sure how to spew it!!

Sonja is starting to potty train, but she is "holding" and so we have not been successful yet! I'm not going to confuse her by stopping and going back to diapers. We will plod along!!

School was closed today due to the weather. The weather is depressing. It is Spring and we have 6" of snow on the ground, with blizzard like conditions.

My husband and I are going to attempt to get out of the house this afternoon. That should be interesting despite the weather! It will be a blessing if the establishments we are visiting are a lite crowd!!

I still feel like I'm in a fog from traveling to Ecuador and back. It doesn't help that I caught some sort of parasite!!

My mind is filled with thoughts from the trip and soon I need to spew it out so that I can share my story on Mission Sunday! Not too excited about talking in front of a huge crowd, but realize that the stories need to be told.

Wishing that contractors and homeowners would pay their bills so that we could have better cash flow! Crazy to think that when you hire someone to do some electrical work for you, you might have to pay for it! Hmmmmmm now there's a concept!

3 comment(s):

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Just reading this makes me tired. Hope the potty training goes well. We are at the same place.

Alleen said...

What an adorable sweater!!!

I've backed off on the potty training as Miss G was freaking every time I put her on it. It could soooooooo easily become a huge battle with her.

Sorry for the weather - yikes!!! It was almost 90 today . It's 8:30pm right now and still 79. Then, tomorrow night it's going to be 49. What the heck???? Make up your mind.

Jennifer said...

What yucky weather. Can't wait to hear about Ecudor. God will give you the strength to speak in front of the crowd.
With the economy I am not surprised about the non payers. Hope that you hit a windfall soon. I am sure that is frustrating.