Sunday, March 02, 2008

This and That...

Emily is home and made it through the worship set this morning at church before having to go home and rest. She gets tired very easily! Thanks for praying!!

Mojo has left the premises this morning and hasn't returned as of yet...I will let you know the continued saga on the dog later in the week! We may be dogless again!! :)

It's raining - yes raining in MN. It could be snow so I'm glad it's rain, but it could be warmer!! My sister called and said that it was 70 in SC!! I would love to go...

My mission trip is just around the corner and I have $700 more to raise in order to get there! Not sure if that will happen, but I am trusting God for it!

So far, this house has been healthy for a couple of days, now that Joel is on medication for Bronchitis. I had to beg him to go in and I'm glad I did. We have finally been gettin' some sleep this week!

That's all, Folks!! Have a great week!

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