Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Please Help!

My friends, Heidi and Scott, over at The UK Chronicles, needs your help!

They are on a huge adventure! I'm excited for them!! They are looking for airline miles for donation. Can you help? Head on over and check out their page.

Scott, Heidi, Elijah and Carter are heading to England to serve in that area. What an exciting, but expensive undertaking! They are raising money to be able to move to the area where they will be serving and would like to fly over before moving to check it out. I can totally understand that. If I were packing up my family and moving away from friends and family, I would want to at least check it out first!

So please, if you have miles that can be donated, help someone out! Please consider!!
If you just don't have miles, can you free up a little bit of space on your blog to post a request for them? Come on, Bloggers. I've seen you do it many times, here's another chance to help someone out!

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Heidi & Scott said...

Thanks for putting this on here. We didn't get any hits :( but we are putting it on our support letter when it goes out so hopefully someone from there will be able to help us.

You're the best!!