Monday, March 10, 2008

Manic Monday

Remember the song, "Manic Monday"? I remember back when I worked out of the home, before kids, before marriage, etc, I would sing that song to work! Monday or not!! I remember a time that I worked a full time job for a water bed company (boy does that age me!) from 8am - 5pm and then I would hop over to a huge toy company (still popular) from 5:30pm- 1am, head home and start my routine all over again. That schedule didn't last long. I physically couldn't keep it up! The money was good though! ;-)

There are days that I wish I was working, but couldn't imagine doing it now with a little one in daycare! It just doesn't thrill me to have to deal with all of that again. I'm thankful I don't have to. I do, however, need to become more crafty in my spending or saving - however you wish to look at it! I haven't purchased anything in my hobby world for a long time - due to the tightness most of us in this country are experiencing. I do enjoy being home with Sonja, there are days I need a break, but for the most part, enjoy it.

So, now that I have de-cluttered most of my home, I need to organize my grocery spending and planning. That really is the only area I see that could use some serious improvement. I feel like I'm constantly running to the grocery store. Did anyone see the special on TV regarding the grocery special a few weeks back? I'm wondering if there is a free on-line program that organizes my list for me and keeps tabs on what I usually buy and has a monthly menu I can easily create? Does anyone have a program like that? Wouldn't it be cool to print out a monthly menu, have it organize a shopping list for you and allow you to print them off and then keep tabs on what you bought or did for that month? I think it would! Too bad I no longer know computer programming- I was pretty good in the 80's! Times have definitely changed!!

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Jane-Jane said...

Oh how that song brings back memories! YIKES!!!

I think that planning meals and organizing the grocery runs is the least of my favorite jobs. While on my sick bed last month, Jack did a GREAT job as grocery shopping for me. He almost never got more than I asked him to purchase. And he passes FOUR grocery stores on his way home from work, so it saved me miles and gas too! Can't get him to take on the grocery shopping as his responsibility yet.

I've been spending both of our shares in the craft department these past months....good think my MIL sent me a gift card for my "recovery gift".

Jane-Jane said...

RYC....thank you! it's been a tough month for me.

Heidi & Scott said...

Thank you for volunteering to put it on your blog. That would be great!!