Friday, February 08, 2008

Plans change...

Oh, I was looking forward to today. My husband and I were going to run to the Science Museum and see "The Alps" on the big Omni screen and we were going to treat ourselves to a delicious meal at Pittsburgh Blue. Well, plans change... Sonja is still way too sick for us to go far and she and I slept in a chair last night. So, I'm feeling super crummy too! Why the big plans? Well today is our 16th Wedding Anniversary. Last year, we found ourselves in Guatemala holding Sonja in our arms forever. It was fun and exciting to be celebrating in a beautiful country far far away from home. Because we weren't familiar with night life down there, we ordered dinner from Applebee's and ate in our hotel suite. Well, today we will be very close to home since Sonja is not doing well. My Mom is super for coming over and watching Sonja for just a few hours so that Joel and I can get out for a nice lunch or to catch a flick! I am grateful, but it won't be enough time! We will have to plan to go out again very soon. We haven't been out in a loooooonnnggg time, unless you count a meeting or two!
My husband just walked in with some beautiful flowers - he NEVER buys flowers!! Their a waste of money, don't ya' know!! They are very sweet and brought me to tears!

I love you Joel. Yes we have had some tough years and tough situations, but with God we have made it through. I love to see you grow spiritually and get stronger as the "man of the house". We are in some tough times now with the business and all, but just like before, with God we will make it through! Thanks for all that you do for me and this family. Here's to 16 + more years! I love you!!

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Jane-Jane said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Dates are ALWAYS needed, no matter what your budget/family situation!

Greta Jo said...


Jane-Jane said... are NOT funny! No, I'm NOT coming over today! minus SEVENTEEN!!! YIKES!!! Maybe in August I will come up to see you. ;)

Question...are your houses built with 2x6 outside walls? I think I would want 2x8 walls and the radiant floor heating! lol

there have been many brain tumors this winter, but seizures are more so on my prayer list...FOUR since the beginning of December! FOUR...and NOT fever related... freaks me out a bit! Are healthy children in the minority these days or what? When I was a kid, it was RARE to have a class mate sick or seems like all children are in the hospital.

I still have not spent a night in the hospital since I was born!!

Neesie said...

Hello Mrs. Lori!
Thank you very much for commenting on my blog. I have been reading yours for a while. :-) I love reading your posts and looking at your pictures...your kids are soooo cute! Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! 16 years is quite an accomplishment these days. Congrats....