Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Nicolai turns eight today! He is sooooooooo excited. He asked how many gifts we had gotten for him and I told him three and that wasn't good enough! So hopefully cake and ice cream and dinner at Culver's will be enough!! When he was much younger, we didn't go way crazy on gifts or parties for that matter. He was happy with whatever we did. I think we are getting into the stage of having to do more for him and his parties. It's not that we don't want to or can't. It's more about how he handles it. He gets too overwhelmed when there is a large crowd. He gets out of control and then crashes and gets angry with us when everyone has left. So, we try to keep them pretty low key.

Nonetheless, we are happy for him that he is turning eight! His celebration has already begun and he's planning on partying all week! On Sunday afternoon, he came to me with his jar of coins and wanted to count them. So, we sat on the floor for a couple of hours counting change!! We then took it to the bank on Monday morning (no school)for them to count it out for us too! We then headed to ToysRUs (my old stompin' grounds in Blaine) and he bought himself a Lego set that he's been wanting for quite awhile! He got the Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer. Unfortunately he's been getting very frustrated and angry when he tries to sit and put it together and so he then ends up in a major melt down! Oh well! He'll get through it and then want to do another big frustrating one! He does have determination!!

We love you, Nicolai! We are excited for you and celebrate you each day! My hope for you is that you grow to love Jesus and lean on Him every day.

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Mamita J said...

Happy 8th Birthday Nicolai!!

May you have an awesome day!


PS. I have a Lego-maniac living at my house. If we only lived closer.

Jenny and Matt said...

Happy Birthday Nico!!!

Kim said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Nico!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! Eat lots of cake and ice cream for me!!!

Greta Jo said...

Happy Birthday Nico! May the lord keep you and bless you another year through.