Thursday, February 14, 2008


I couldn't wait until tomm. to tell you this!! I laughed and thought you would think it funny too! There has been a beautiful yellow lab that has been hanging around the neighborhood. We think someone dumped him - which I have a huge problem with! Isn't that what humane society's are for? Now I'm not a dog lover, nor will I EVER profess to be one, but my son has a ton of fun with dogs! I'm just not willing to take on caring for a dog or any animal for that fact! (We all know that Momma is the one that winds up taking care of the animals!!) It's a fact!!

So anyway - Nicolai was out playing with the dog and he comes into the house and says, "Mom, the dog doesn't have a pee pee, so it must be a girl and I'm going to call her, Mojo!" I just thought that was hilarious!

My husband wouldn't mind having this dog either. The ONLY way that this dog could become one of our family members is if my husband and my son took an oath and signed a contract that states they will not make Mom touch or take care of this animal!! I love animals from a distance!! :)

Our neighbors have a bigger heart then I do, they are letting this dog sleep in their garage and they are feeding him!!

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Anonymous said...

checking in on you and finally commenting when I do :)

cant believe sonja has been home a year.


margaret said...

I'm with you... loving animals from a distance!

Jennifer said...

SO bring on the pictures so we can all tell you how cute they are together and how much a boy and a dog can be best pals LOL. I understand though. Maybe have them sign it in blood. You know they all say they will take care of it but then mommy has to do it or the poor pet would die of starvation. No tags? Is it a pup? Do you know if it is housebroken?

Mamita J said...

Oh my word! Do you know my daughter has been praying for just such an opportunity for years now? We already have a bunny, gecko, fir-bellied toad, and a hamster. And who takes care of them all? You guessed it. We told her no dog until at least the bunny dies and Cupcake comes home. ...But I have a weakness for the underdog. I'm afraid of what would happen if such a thing happened in our neighborhood. YIKES!

A dog might be really good for your kids, even if it's a sacrifice to you. Let us know what happens.


Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

Mojo is a great name for a dog. I'm gonna keep that in mind for our future puppy.

Our Family of 5 said...

Too funny! I love the contract idea. I should try that next time. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats and I always end up taking care of them. Never fails!

Sarah | Rishi said...

Oh my goodness, you sound like my mom! I have been begging to get a dog . Mom says she doesnt like dogs, but I think we all know if we got one, she would love it =)
And dad already goes to my friends house to play with their little maltese dog. Haha!