Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tour de scrapbooking warehouse!

Yesterday, my friend Debbie, her Girl Scout Troop , another friend of ours & her children, and myself went to the Creative Memories warehouse to tour. For those who don't know what Creative Memories is, it is a company that makes books for you to scrap in (place your photos and memorabilia, etc).

It was fun to see them make the book covers, bindings and pages! It's an incredible place. The pictures may not make it look too exciting, but if you are in the area and you get a chance to take a tour - do so! It is cool!!

3 comment(s):

bodegalee said...

WHOO HOO! Sooooo fun! I love my Disney albums from them! I ventured into acrylic albums lately and I'm in love... check out my blog when you get a chance! :)

Jane-Jane said...

I've been there! Yes, I have been to your neck of the the woods, and did not freeze. It was in June about 4.5 years ago when I was a consultant for them.

Jennifer said...

DId they have a company store there? I am a scrapbook addict