Monday, January 28, 2008

Spilling of the mind...

So we received our article today from the Metro Lutheran paper. It mainly talked about Guatemala and the recent Hague signing. Part of the article talked about Nicolai and his adoption through Colombia and it flooded my mind with memories of that process.

I remember sitting down with someone before we even got our referral of Nicolai, and that particular person asking me what I thought if my friends and family would reject us or no longer be friends if Nicolai turned out to be a child of "dark color", as this person put it!?! It was actually a question that made my blood boil and use to at the thought of it, but since then I must have matured a little, because my blood doesn't boil as high when I hear that!

I understand that there are several different generations and in those generations various people lived sheltered lives. They didn't see the world outside of their little cocooned world. How would they know that color makes no difference unless they learned for themselves?! They unfortunately only new what they new from the media! We know that the media is filled with lies and really can't be trusted. So I answered this person very calmly, (Yeah, even I was shocked!)"I grew up being taught that Jesus loves everyone. Red and Yellow, Black and White they are ALL precious in His site. And I was taught that I am to be like Jesus and love everyone around me regardless of color or looks. So if anyone wants to not be my friend or to look differently at us because my son is a different color, I have no time for them and their shallowness"! Well, now I know that statement didn't speak much of Jesus' love towards them, but you have to remember my blood was boiling! :) I'm not sure, but I think my answer may have put them in their place a little! They haven't said a thing since!

We have not lost any friends or family members because my children's skin is darker! In fact, I have caught some of our friends asking questions of me that only a biological Mother could answer! They all love them just as we do! Our multi-cultural training hasn't been wasted, but we certainly have not had to use it!

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Mamita J said...

Thank you, Lori.

My blood has boiled a few times at comments my friends have received. I can't even imagine my reaction when someone talks about my daughter. I'd better start praying for patience and understanding now.


Anonymous said...

Tolerance is the word we all need to stress in this world. Think of what peace we would have if all loved one another as equals. We have a family of 25 with all colors of the rainbow. We have a Colombian, a Guatemalan, Peruvian, Norwegians, Swedes, Germans, Filipino and thus have mixed heritage grandchildren who are the most beautiful in the world. We are so blessed to have them all growing up with tolerance as they know no different in our family.