Thursday, January 03, 2008

A little more Christmas and the Wall of Fame!

I found some more Christmas pictures...

Presents galore for only two children!

Nico gave Sonja a snake for Christmas!!

Sonja trying to play with her Bouncing Zebra!

Nico was blown away with the size of this box and couldn't wait to open it!

Finally! The Bouncing Zebra comes to life! She has so much fun on this!!

Sledding at Grandma's over New Years!

Dad's pulling a big load!

The Wall of Fame! If you sent a picture with your Christmas card, it made it!!

Every year, I hang the pictures from Christmas cards on a bulletin board in my kitchen and look at them throughout the year! I'm really impressed that I have it done already - it usual happens about Feb. or so!!

3 comment(s):

Katie said...

Beautiful ... love the snake picture !!!

Jane-Jane said...

left a reply for you over at OC...nothing major, just a funny! And after praying so hard for Tricia today, I needed a funny!

Our Family of 5 said...

Love the Wall of Fame! Great Idea!!