Monday, December 31, 2007

The Wrap!

Oh yes, it's that time of year to wrap it up and say goodbye to 2007!!

This year has been a roller coaster! We began January with me traveling to Guatemala and meeting Sonja for the first time. While there, I learned that we were able to travel back in February to bring her home forever! We did just that. February 8th (15th Wedding Anniversary) we got to hold Sonja forever! We finally traveled back home with her on February 14th! The end of Feb., we celebrated Nico's seventh. In March we continued to adjust to a family of two and having a baby in the house again! In April, we celebrated Sonja's first birthday and Dedication. She and I traveled to South Carolina to visit my sister and her family. May through August we continued to adjust to our new family dynamic while enjoying Summer vacations and outdoor life! September, Nico started the Second grade. October - November, we continued to celebrate the Holidays and Sonja's firsts! December went by way too fast! We prayed for and waited to see how things were going to turn out for Emily. Praise God she is home with her family and seems to be healing! Christmas has come and gone and once again it flew right by! The business has had a tough year! We are hopeful for things to turn around soon!!

We are grateful to God for all that He has done for us! We are thankful for His provisions!! We are especailly thankful that He brought Sonja home to us!

May your New Year's celebrations be safe! We are snugglin' in for the evening and watching movies (and enjoying a glass of wine or two)into the New Year!

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Jane-Jane said...

amazing the difference after 12 short months!

We're not going out either... surfing blogs and getting caught up and watching the craziness going on in NY. Watched Shrek earlier. We are so not exciting folks!

Thank you for your blog. You and so many have been an encouragement to Jack and I this past year....I thank God for my blogging buddies. He is using all of you out there to turn our house upside-down for His glory. 2008 is going to Rock.

I'm still praying for Emily. Praising Jesus that she is home and healing.

I'll also be praying for your business.

Happy New Year!