Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thank you for praying!- UPDATED!

Emily is still in ICU (I believe). I just happened to call my Mom tonight and she had a bunch of information from this morning, so I'm glad I called!! Last night Emily pulled all of her IVs and tubes out resulting in a huge bloody mess. She has a blanky from when she was an infant that she enjoys having with her still. The nurses wanted to throw it because it was so bloody. (I'm not sure if they did or not.) Emily is extremely warm. The room is set at 60 degrees for her and she still is too warm and needs a fan put on her. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. It sounds like it isn't. Thank you for your continued prayers.

I spoke with my sister this morning (Saturday). I enjoy it when she calls. Emily had pulled all of her tubes again and so the staff decided to leave them out and give her, her medicine orally. They got her up walking and sitting up. She had seen the occupational and physical therapists. The physical therapist does not need to work wit her, but the Occupational therapists does. They need to draw blood every six hours. She still has not stabilized (fluids, etc.). They are hoping to move her to a regular room today. She was able to get a sits bath and her hair washed last night. She put her own jammies on and is feeling a little better. I was able to speak with her for just a few seconds. She sounds good, but from her voice, I can tell she is just not her self. Pray specifically for stabilization of her fluids and that memory would start to come back.

Please keep her family in your prayers as well. Her father, a pastor, is speaking tomorrow morning and has a Christmas Eve service as well. Added things because of the season and the concern of Emily. Thank you!

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Jane-Jane said...

thanks for the we have any info on the cyst that showed up after surgery? Always praying, Jane

Greta Jo said...

I have been thinking about Emily. Thanks for the update. I will continue to pray for her.

Maxine said...

Oh dear. Please continue to keep us informed. We have been praying.