Thursday, December 27, 2007

Surprise Novel

My Father-In-Law, Don, surprised us all at Thanksgiving and told us that he had written a novel. It was being published and printed in time for Christmas! So if your in the market for another fiction book, here's your chance!

It is a Christmas World War II adventure novel about survival through teamwork under turmoil and stress. Don had been working on this book for over 9 years. Here's a few excerpts from the book:

"Warrior Husband is the most courageous man I know, Five men couldn't lift our pony into the air like he did. Don't you worry, Cankuna, he will protect your family."

"We have him." he yelled to those by the campsite. Norris looked down and saw three heads. They emerged from a swirly, icy grave.

"My father and husband are in a war far from home. I can't accept it anymore. God is gone. The enemy has killed him. He is gone, he is gone I tell you," she sobbed, shaken and distraught.

December 24, 1944, was a day many of these men besieged at Bastogne never forgot - a day of clear skies. American "flying boxcars" dropped loads of food and ammo to the fighting men below.

"We were surprised to see him because he looked like us. He wasn't white like mission people. This really spooked me. His face was scarred and wounds were on his hands. I couldn't see his feet because he wore moccasins."

She was still screaming that guttural sound as he pulled her from her furry nest. His powerful arms slid around her gently, but strongly. He held her like this as she beat on his chest with her angry fists.

Three mongrels were tearing at each other as they rolled in the snow. Frightened children were screaming and crying at this vicious sight.

After a few years, Emma grew restless. She longed to see the West she had dreamed about.

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Greta Jo said...

Lori, I would love to purchase one of the novels.

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