Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Is Santa going to come?

That was the question in the evening up until bed! Yes, we do have "Santa" show up. It's fun to see the excitement in Nico's eyes. So it's Christmas Eve, we visited the neighbors and delivered a package to them. We then walked back home and opened gifts from each other, first reading about Jesus' birth and the wonderment of that evening. We then tore into packages taking turns and thanking each other! While the kids played with new toys, I made a steak dinner and fixin's! We actually had a very nice dinner. Nico wasn't bouncing off the walls wanting to open gifts and not cooperating! I think we will do the same next year!! The time had come for bed and the question started coming, "Is Santa going to come?". "Well, I'm not sure", I said. Nico put cookies out (I talked him into just two instead of three!) and a present that he left for Santa. Nico laid down in bed and was playing his Game Boy. I thought for sure he would turn it off and go straight to bed, being the best he could be! I peeked in his room at 10:30 in hopes of having him fast asleep so that "Santa" could show up! Not so, he was still clicking away on his Game Boy! UGH!!! "Nicolai! You need to turn that off and go to sleep", I said. "Is Santa going to come?", Nico asked. "I'm not sure, but you better go to sleep!", I replied. He handed me his Game Boy and said that I had better take it so that Santa sees he's sleeping and not playing. I waited an hour to make sure he was asleep. I tried listening for him and sure enough, he wasn't asleep yet! UGH!! He was still tossing! (He gets so excited!) So I waited another hour and just hoped he was fast asleep. I tried very hard to be quiet with the bag of goodies. Filled the stockings, unwrapped the little gift and left the wrapper, ate the two cookies and wrote a note to Nico and Sonja from Santa! Finally!! Into bed!! Usually he is up at 6am ready to dig into the stockings. I looked at the clock at 8 am. In my mind, thinking, oh good, maybe they will sleep until 9! As soon as I thought that, I heard, "dedabeda" coming through the baby monitor! Awe, I guess not!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Emily News: For those that have been following along - Emily was released from the hospital yesterday and was able to spend Christmas at home with her family! Her fluids have stabilized. Praise God!! She is still trying to keep medicine down to stay on top of the headache. She throws up because of the headache and therefore can't keep anything down.

3 comment(s):

Jenny and Matt said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
I'm so glad Emily was able to go home for Christmas!

Jane-Jane said...

still praying for Emily! Thanks for all the updates!

Greta Jo said...

Boys will be boys! Very cute story. I am glad Emily got to spend Christmas day at home with her family.

Prayers will continue.

Greta Jo