Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Funk!

I don't know why, but I seem to get into a Christmas funk every year! I LOVE Christmas, I'm usually the first one with the tree up and decorations out, but for some reason, the last few years have been non-motivational. Maybe my views of Christmas are really changing. I've always known the true reason for celebrating and understood the importance of the season. I really could care less about presents and getting them. I really enjoy giving, but for some reason that is changing a little as well. Yes, I love to give and plan on giving this year, but I long for something else. I always want to travel over the Christmas holiday, not just somewhere where you hop in the car and are gone for the day, but a long trip. Maybe to see Joel's sister in AZ or FL or maybe SC to see my sister. We miss out having Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Fourth of July, etc. with them. It would be fun to see them over the holidays, but unfortunately that is not possible. Then I think of Christmas' past where you exchanged names and had to hand make your gift that you were giving. What would it be like if we actually spent some time crafting a gift for someone and putting our heart, mind and soul into making something rather then pulling out the wallet to pay for it?!

Oh, I know my Christmas funk won't last the entire season, it will change and I usually do enjoy every minute of it. It's the rushing and racing around that seems to encircle Christmas that I don't enjoy. I'm hoping to slow down and enjoy this Christmas and hopefully not sweat the small stuff!

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Jennifer said...

Lori I loved your thoughts this morning and can relate. Yoru blog looks aweseom btw