Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend Wonderful!

I headed up Thursday morning with seven other women to a resort called Maplelag! This place was amazing. If you go to their website, you will see a picture on the front page of the conference room that I was in. I didn't happen to be there when they took the picture! I was back at the cabin showering. I had a great time. I was with some incredible women. I will try and post pictures when I get them. My camera died on Wednesday of last week and so I asked Nikki to take a few pictures for me. When I receive them I will share them.

Thursday we made it to Maplelag in the afternoon. We set up our stations and got our cabin rooms situated. We then sat down and started getting our craft items ready to work on. We were treated to some fabulous meals each day. We had dinner and then continued to scrap.

Each day breakfast, lunch and dinner were served in the large dining hall. They were all very yummy and homemade. I'll tell ya' more about it when I have pictures.

Sonja is throwing a major fit on the floor right now and I need to take care of her. She has been a "pistol" for me today!!

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bodegalee said...

How fun! Can't wait to see your pics!! :) Would love to see what you created too !!

Stephanie Balvin said...

That looks really FUN!!! I am bery jealous that you got to scrap all weekend!