Friday, October 19, 2007

Gobble Gobble!

As the weather turns and the leaves begin to fall, it reminds me of Thanksgiving which will be here before we know it. Thinking of Thanksgiving (I know Halloween hasn't even passed) and turkeys reminds me of a funny story that I never got around to telling.

Most of you know that we live on 15 acres of beautiful land that we got from Joel's parents. We get to experience the beautiful trees, sky and river as well as, an occasional wild life from time to time. We have seen deer (up to eight at once), fox, turtles, geese, beaver and turkeys. There is five - eight turkeys that travel through our yard every day.

One hot Summer day, our neighbors ventured over to take a dip in our pool and cool off. My neighbor, Heather and I were sitting on the little deck by the pool while Nico and Macy were swimming. Heather's dog, Barkley, was with us too. All of the sudden Barkley started barking and going crazy. Heather and I turned around to see the turkeys. We thought that they would run off at the sight and sound of Barkley, but no they didn't! They took off after Barkley and started challenging him. Heather called Barkley over, who was more then happy to get refuge from her. The turkeys kept coming closer and closer.

By now, I was starting to get worried. They wouldn't stop running and they were bound and determined to peck someone! I didn't know what to do. I panicked, stood up and grabbed my plastic lawn chair and started charging them and yelling. It worked - they ran off!! Whew!!

I won't tell you where my neighbor ran to or how she hid from them! Let's just say the pool has more uses then just swimming!!

Love ya, Heather - even if you aren't quite ready to protect me!! :)

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Emily's Entries said...

That is hilarious!! I can't believe the way those turkeys acted, I would've thought that they would have run off...

Someone posted on my blog who I don't know...should I be alarmed? You can read it and tell me what you think.


Lori said...

My dear Emily - I checked out your blog and comment, I don't think you need to worry!

It sounds like you have witnessed somewhat to this girl via your blog - WAY TO GO!!! You always have the option of deleting a comment if you don't wish for it to be there! Like if some creep leaves a nasty comment!

Love you - A. Lori

Alleen said...

OMGOSH, that was a hilarious story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal said...

You are the cutest!!! I just love your story Lori!!!! :O)

The McKenzie Crew said...

I needed the turkey story more than you could ever know!!!!!

Maxine said...

Lori- I HAVE to have my daughter come over and read this. She's TERRIFIED of turkeys. This will be like a horror story to her. Good old brave Barkley--sounds like what my Frodo would do!

Heidi said...

You crack me up!! I loved the story and I especially love the new blog!!! The background is gorgeous!

Stephanie Balvin said...

Love the new set up!