Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Toy Time

One Sunday afternoon, my friend Nikki came over to scrap with me and she pulls out this personal sized die cut machine. She taught me how to use it and so I was playing around cutting all sorts of things with it. I brought my husband into my craft room and showed him this cool little machine. I was thinking, "there is no way that my husband will ever agree to me buying something like this." So what does he say after seeing it work?, "Oh man, you gotta have one of these. This is so cool!!" So, ok I was really wrong in my thinking! So I researched it and did some price comparisons and finally found it at Walmart. They had the best price by far!! (There is no way I paid what the Cricut web site sells it for nor would I pay that much! - I really like it, but not that much!!)

So I'm in Walmart the other night getting a few things and I call my husband up and ask him again about it and make sure that we can do this and he says, "yes - we have money go ahead!" Whoo hooo!!!

So I get it home and unpack it and start trying to get the thing to cut and it's not cutting! So I try a few things that the "troubleshooting" says to do and still no cutting! ugh!!! So I call the help line and I actually get a voice in less then a minute and she walks me through another thing to do. I do as she asks and still - no cutting. She tells me that she will ship a new one within 3 to 5 business days and then I need to ship the broken one back! SWEEEEEEEET!!

So I am going to be getting my Cricut cutter = hopefully by Friday or next Tuesday!! I am hoping that I can have it before my scrapbooking trip!! Have any of you gotten this or tried it?

I love it and I know that I will be using it for my greeting cards - for sure!!

My husband ROCKS - he's the best!! Thanks babe for another birthday, Christmas, anniversary, home improvement, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mom's Day, because you love me..... gift!! :)

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Heidi said...

I have to admit to feeling a little big jealous right now!! I would love one of those. I still consider myself a "beginner" scrapbooker- but maybe someday I can move up!! I just need to make more time to scrapbook. I am so far behind!

Nicole said...

YEAH!!! I'm sorry to hear the first one didn't work right :( But I am so glad I could help you with convicing your husband of this scrapper's MUST HAVE :) HAPPY DIE_CUTTING..and remember, I'll have mine next weekend if you don't get your new one in time. -NIKKI

margaret said...

Dustin let me buy one last spring after I told him all about it. (I got it for a good price too.) When it came I showed him and the kids how it worked and they were amazed! It is by far the best purchase I've ever made as far as scrapbooking goes. I used to have the Sizzix machine but I never used it... to big and clunky. The Cricut was expensive but worth every penny. Just think of all of the money you'll save in the long run... no more buying letter stickers or die cuts! If you're looking for more certridges, check ebay out. I got a few -still new in the package- for less than half of what they go for in the stores! Happy scrapin'!

bodegalee said...

Funny! exact same thing happened with mine but CS was so awesome i'd forgotten! Have fun and post some of what you do!